1. Installation Work:

  • (a) All electrical installation work will comply with the latest edition of BS7671and anyamendments in force at the time of the works.
  • (b) All electrical installation work will comply with applicable Building Regulations in forceat the time of the works.
  • (c) Where work is to extend or modify existing circuits, costs quoted assume that theexisting installation is in adequate condition and complies with minimum current regulations.Any works found required to bring the necessary parts of the existing installation up tostandard will be at additional cost.
  • (d) Ordered work that cannot be commenced due to the inadequacy of the existinginstallation will be chargeable at £40 per man per hour. Travelling time to our office is alsochargeable.
  • (e) Unless stated otherwise, all cables will be concealed by chasing into the building fabricor concealed in building voids, under floors, etc. Where impracticable, cabling will be neatlysurface run, either clipping direct or housed in trunking / conduit.
  • (f) Where carpet or flooring coverings may require lifting to allow concealed installationwork, no charge is made for this service, with best endeavours being made to avoid damagingthem and to refit them to an accepatble standard. However, consideration of employing aspecialist fitter may be prudent, at your cost to effect a fully satisfactory reinstatement.
  • (g) All endeavours will be made to undertake installation work to a clean standard, usingdust sheets and vacuum cleaning equipment as necessary.
  • (h) All accessories will be white MK Logic plus unless specified otherwise in the quotation.

2. Exclusions:

  • (a) Clearing and / or moving of furniture and other items blocking access to work areas arenot included in the quotation.
  • (b) Except where detailed, builders work (creating of holes larger than 25mm diameter,creating of support structures, etc) are not included in the quotation.
  • (c) Making good and/ or plastering chases to walls, is not included in our quotations.
  • (d) Re-decoration and final making good is excluded from quoted costs, unless specificallydetailed as included.
  • (e) Removal from site and disposal of rubble, fittings, wiring, materials, general waste andpackaging is not included unless specifically detailed as included.
  • (f) Exchange rates fluctuations are not included and any materials affected are provisionallypriced and may be re quoted before ordering.
  • (g) Delays in delivery for materials coming from outside the UK are not the responsibility ofAbsolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd.
  • (h) Manufacturing delays for any items specified by others are not the responsibility ofAbsolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd.

3. Extras and Variations:

  • (a) All extras and variations must be agreed in writing prior to commencement.
  • (b) Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd will not be held responsible forconsequential delays to other trades arising from the time taken to organise additionalquotations and orders relating to extra work or variations to the original contract. This cost ifany, shall be bourn out by the Client.
  • (c) Extra work will be priced according to market and or contract pressures at that time andmay not represent the quoted price for similar items.

4. Pricing:

  • (a) The costs quoted assume continuous and unhindered access to the site by prior arrangement with you.
  • (b) Unless stated otherwise, the costs quoted assume standard working hours between the hours of 08:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs Monday to Friday inclusive. Work required outside these hourswill attract out of hours premium rates.
  • (c) Any additional work not covered in our quoted costs will attract an additional minimum time charge rate of £40 per hour plus materials cost and VAT.
  • (d) All figures quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.
  • (e) All figures quoted are subject to a full site survey and are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the estimate or quotation.

5. Deviations from Building Regulations and BS7671:

  • (a) All work where applicable, will be executed fully in compliance with applicable Building Regulations and BS7671 in force at the time of the work, particularly in respect of work indwellings to allow the legal Part P obligations to be met. Where a Client requires deviation from such regulations, a final decision will be sought from the NICEIC technical department.

6. Risk and Title of Goods:

  • (a) The risk in all goods supplied shall pass to the Client upon delivery.
  • (b) All goods supplied shall remain property of Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd until all sums due have been paid in full.
  • (c) If, no remittance has been received after 60 days from the issue of an invoice, we reserve the right to remove any materials, either installed or otherwise, from the property. The clientagrees to allow employees or sub contractors of Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd unrestricted access to the property in order to retrieve said goods. Any damage throughthe removal of installed items should be rectified at the clients cost.
  • (d) The client agrees that a charge of £150 plus VAT be added to the contract value for the removal of materials from site.

7. Guarantee:

  • (a) Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd guarantees its installation work for a period of five years from date of the final invoice for the contract.
  • (b) Cover does not extend to goods not supplied by Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd, physical damage to products, or any instance where the original installation hasbeen altered or tampered with subsequently by third parties.
  • (c) Fittings and Accessories supplied by Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd are subject to the manufacturers guarantee and are not subject to our guarantee period.

8. Payment:

  • (a) We reserve the right to issue stage invoices as they become necessary and these invoices are subject the payment terms detailed in 8b, c, d, e below. Stage payment invoices will takethe form of a percentage of the contract value. These percentages will be no more than 50%for a 1st stage, 45% for a 2nd stage, and no more than 10% for any stages thereafter.
  • (b) Any delay in payment of stage invoices may result in the withdrawal of labour from the site and the removal of any materials intended for the site. Clause 6 (d) applies.
  • (c) We reserve the right to give priority to other contracts as a result of late stage payments.
  • (d) Absolute Electrics & Audio Visual Systems Ltd will not be held responsible for any delays to the contract as a consequence of late stage payments.
  • (e) Unless agreed in writing payment in full must be made on receipt of an invoice.
  • (f) Payments overdue by 7 days after the date of the invoice will be subject to interest of 5%per week, above the Bank of England’s base rate.

9. Certification:

  • (a) We reserve the right to withhold any certificates until full payment for any invoices has been received.
  • (b) We reserve the right to withhold issue of Building Regulations Compliance certificates until payment has been received in full. Any Late Notification Fees will be added to thecontract value and should be paid with the final payment.
  • (c) In respect of commercial and industrial premises, the Client understands that he would be operating against Health and Safety Laws by trading with electrical supplies but withouthaving the appropriate electrical certificates. The Client is therefore liable to prosecution under these laws.

10. Rates:

Are available here Electrician Prices